Medical Cram School Bussiness

Tokyo Ishin Gakuin (consolidated subsidiary) (cram school for medicine-related university entrance examinations)

Toishin Gakuin

Over 4,000 of our students have successfully entered medicine-related university faculties

Since its establishment in 1976 as a cram school for medicine-related university entrance examinations, Tokyo Ishin Gakuin has helped more than 4,000 students successfully gain entrance to medicine-related university faculties, and the majority of these are now active on the medical front throughout Japan.
Characterized by thorough instruction in small-sized classes, elite teachers with rich know-how in preparing students for medical school entrance, and a unique residential course—as well as our excellent track record for successful university entrance—Tokyo Ishin Gakuin has built up an unchallenged position even amongst cram schools for medicine-related university entrance examinations.

Currently, Tokyo Ishin Gakuin has four schools: the Ichigaya and Yokohama Schools (day schools), Mitaka Schools (residential), and the Genekishidokan Ichigaya School.
In recent years, the dearth of physicians has become a serious problem in Japan, and so in 2008, universities began to increase their student quotas for medical faculties, with these quotas expected to further increase in the future. The training of human resources who will support healthcare in Japan in the future is an urgent issue, and the role of medicine-related cram schools in sending outstanding human resources to medical universities is expected to become increasingly important in the future.

Tokyo Ishin Gakuin will continue to make the most of its highly unique strengths in order to produce even more medical professionals and contribute to society in the future.