Business of Meiko Gijuku

Business of Meiko Gijuku

a Personal Coaching Preparatory School

Leading the Market as an individual tutoring cram School Pioneer

Meiko Gijuku is our core business. Since our establishment in 1984, MEIKO has led the market as an individual tutoring cram school pioneer. Individual tutoring cram school market has grown so much it is now said to comprise 40% of the preparatory school market, and having broken new ground in this market, MEIKO has built up tremendous know-how over many years.
We have some 1,937 schools in 47 prefectures nationwide coaching some 113,081 students (as of August 31, 2019).

Meiko Gijuku is characterized by:

  1. Individual tutoring for self-motivated learning
  2. Supplementary study for students with medium scores
  3. Inexpensive individual tutoring
  4. Schools located in every prefecture in Japan

Meiko Gijuku has cram schools in all prefectures across the country and has developed a reputation as a friendly, accessible cram school. This high recognition and brand power are Meiko Gijuku’s strengths.