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Scope of MEIKO NETWORK JAPAN CO., LTD. Business Activities
With educational activities at the core of our business, we aim to become a top human resources development company.

In our core business, our Meiko Gijuku Business Activities, we operate Meiko Gijuku - individual tutoring cram schools - for children of all ages from elementary school to university entrance examination preparation both directly and through our unique franchise system, under which MEIKO concludes franchise agreements with franchise members to provide continuous school operation and guidance.

In our Medical Cram School Business Activities, we operate Tokyo Ishin Gakuin, a medical cram school for medicine-related university entrance examinations (wholly owned, consolidated subsidiary).

In our Other Business Activities, we operate the following:

  • •Soccer schools for preschool children and elementary and junior high school students (Meiko Soccer School)
  • •Extended-hours cram schools for elementary school children performing the added function of after school care (Meiko Kids)
  • •Individual tutoring cram schools for students with high academic performance seeking to enter high-ranking and difficult-to-enter schools (Waseda Academy Kobetsu School)
  • •Operation of Next-generation ICT-driven individual tutoring cram school (Study Club)
  • •Operation of Individual English school instructed by bilinguals (ESL club)
  • •Operation of Online Japanese Learning Service (Japany)