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Meiko Soccer School

MEIKO Soccer School

Professional coaches with officially recognized teaching licenses nurture children through their soccer dreams and passion for the game

With coaching licenses officially recognized by FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) and the JFA (Japan Football Association), Meiko Soccer School coaches, including former professional soccer players, are highly skilled professional coaches with rich coaching experience. In addition to enhancing the children’s soccer skills, these coaches aim to nurture them to become independently-minded human resources through their soccer dreams and passion for the game.

Meiko Kids


Extended-hours cram school performing the added function of after school care

We have developed a new business model, Meiko Kids, which is an extended-hours cram school for elementary school students in grades 1 through 6 that also performs the function of after school care.
Meiko Kids provides educational services that enable children to acquire self-motivated learning - which is an educational principle of Meiko Gijuku - and study habits at an earlier stage, during their early years at elementary school. Moreover, against the social background of more and more women continuing to work as they raise their children, Meiko Kids also provides safe and reliable extended-hours after school care for first-year elementary school students and upwards.
Through our new Meiko Kids business, we aim to increase our students in early elementary school grades who will become Meiko Gijuku students as they grow older, further expanding our client range and achieving a synergy effect with our Meiko Gijuku business activities.



Developing individual tutoring cram schools with WASEDA ACADEMY CO.,LTD. for students with high academic performance seeking to enter high-ranking and difficult-to-enter schools

MEIKO has established a capital and business alliance with Waseda Academy, which boasts an outstanding track record in the metropolitan area for students successfully passing entrance examinations. Based on our combined know-how in preparing students for examinations and assisting them with their school work, we aim to develop and expand individual tutoring cram schools for students with high academic performance seeking to enter high-ranking and difficult-to-enter schools, nurturing leaders of the future.
Waseda Academy’s philosophy/basic policy of nurturing children who give their all and can overcome difficulties on their own strength meshes with Meiko Gijuku’s philosophy of self-motivated learning, and through the two companies’ solid cooperation, we intend to produce many independently-minded human resources.



Online Japanese Learning Service Japany

Japany is an online comprehensive Japanese language learning service for foreigners.
Japany are varied and include a JLPT course, Japanese for daily conversation and business, a specified skills exam preparation course, and a business manner course.
We not only provide online contents, but also instruction Japanese Language Teachers and 1 on 1 support.
We aim to realize symbiosis between Japanese and foreigners in Japan, by creating an environment where all foreigners working in Japan can learn Japanese and business manners.