Message from the Chairperson

Chairman Hirotake Watanabe

Since our foundation in 1984, Meiko Network Japan Co., Ltd., has operated Meiko Gijuku, the first private tutoring school in Japan, under the two management philosophies of developing human resources by contributing to educational and cultural programs, and supporting self-fulfillment through the development and popularization of franchise expertise. Consequently, we have grown to become the leading brand in private tutoring schools. We deeply appreciate the support you have extended for many years.

The style of private tutoring that Meiko Network Japan implemented since our inauguration has consistently received a great deal of attention, particularly in recent years. With the educational philosophy of developing highly creative and independent human resources for society in the 21st century through autonomous learning with private tutoring, Meiko Gijuku has worked to nurture independent individuals who can create their own paths through our proprietary expertise called Meiko-style Autonomous Learning. In addition to the Meiko Gijuku business, we are committed to the further expansion of both the education business and the education franchise business. Meiko Network Japan will continue to make additional efforts to grow as a business that firmly supports and promotes education and culture in the new age of Japan. We appreciate your continued guidance and encouragement. Thank you.

Hirotake Watanabe, Chairperson