Message from the President

President Kazuhito Yamashita

The management philosophy of our firm is as follows: “We aim to nurture human resources through our contribution to educational and cultural programs. We help achieve goals through our development and diffusion of franchise know-how.” It is under this philosophy that we have been striving to nurture human resources through our business activities.

We have been operating Meiko Gijuku – the first individual tutoring cram school in Japan – since our foundation. We do this under our educational philosophy of nurturing human resources for the 21st century by fostering a spirit of self-reliance, independence and creativity.

Currently, we are growing as the Meiko Group by widely developing business in fields related to education. These include after-school care business, Japanese language school business and school support business in addition to our Meiko Gijuku business.

We are looking to continue further developing the Meiko Group under our action guidelines of creation, innovation and evolution in the future. We will promote business so that we continue to be needed by all our stakeholders and society and so that we continue to be a company where our employees are proud to work.

I respectfully ask for your continued support and encouragement in the future.

Kazuhito Yamashita, President