Education that opens up possibilities.
A valuable investment in society and in the future.

Our goal at Meiko Network Japan is to provide education that "opens people's possibilities. At the same time, we believe that education is an investment that plays an extremely important role in realizing a creative society and a bright future. In this section, we will report on the present and future of our education activities, including our business performance, latest news, and medium-term management plan.

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(Overview of FY2021 results)


In a changing society
Pioneering the ideal form of education.

Over the past several years, people's attitudes and values have changed and matured significantly, and the social significance required of companies has continued to change. In addition, changes in behavioral patterns and social systems caused by the new coronavirus infection have led to rapid changes in the field of education, which has opened up new learning possibilities. In these times, what changes are required of us in the education and culture business? We will continue to clarify and share these questions with our customers and investors as we seek to provide better answers.


Our work in ESG and SDGs is a very high priority action for us, as we are responsible for investing in the future of education. We will continue to consider and implement the actions required of us on a daily basis, including initiatives related to quality education and gender equality. We will also keep our eyes on the possibilities of ideal teaching in the context of numerous options, including digital technology, and constantly update them to lead the way in what education should be in the coming years.