Create a memory of "You Can if You Think You Can"

We want to convey that in these times of rapid change, people's potential is unlimited.
We want to create a society where people feel that if they work hard, they will be rewarded.


If you work hard, you will be rewarded.
If people feel this way, they will have the courage to have high expectations for their future selves.
That is what we believe.
With this Purpose as our starting point, we at Meiko Network Japan will continue to lead the way in human resource development.


A corporate group that opens up possibilities. We will realize a shining future.

Meiko Network Japan was founded in 1984.
It has now grown into a group with a variety of numerous brands.
Going forward, we aim to become a corporate group that grows significantly toward a bright future while leveraging our diversity.
We have newly formulated "Purpose," "Vision," and "Values.


Open people's possibilities.

The company operates several educational brands such as " Meiko Kids ", " Meiko Kids e ", and " Jiritsugakusyu RED ", centering on " Meiko Gijuku ", the first individual tutoring cram school in Japan, based on its own franchise system.
 In addition to other human resource businesses such as " MEIKO GLOBAL " and " MEIKO Career Agent ", we are engaged in various businesses to open up new possibilities for people through alliances with group companies, such as the Japanese language school business.


IR Library

We will inform our shareholders and investors about our past, present, and future, including our business performance, latest news, and mid-term management plan.